November 11, 2022


Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

Sleepover horror movie ideas for kids between 5-10 years old.

Every mom knows how difficult it can be to entertain a group of crazy kids for a whole night, or to find pajama party activities for boys and girls, and as the party planning experts we are, we’re here to help, so keep reading if you want to know our secrets for having the best sleepover ever.

We know everybody loves watching a good scary movie, especially when you’re a kid and you’re at a sleepover with every single one of your friends. Nothing keeps kids as quiet as a good horror movie does. So here we bring to you a checklist of the scary movies you have to have at hand if you’re planning a party for your kid.

In the following list you will find movies you can find on Netflix, that are scary enough for the kids to be totally into it, but not that scary that they won’t be able to finish it (or sleep). Trust us, this list will get you through this and many more sleepover parties to come for at least four years. So keep reading.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

1st. Monster House:

When we thought monsters under the bed couldn’t get any scarier, we get an entire house that turns into a monster itself. A movie that tells us the story of three friends that set out to expose the terrors of an abandoned neighborhood house full of frightening secrets, which looks like it has a life on its own, and also, kind of an appetite for people.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

2nd. Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events:

 This movie is a little bit odd, but really entertaining. It follows the misadventures of the Baudelaire children, three orphans, whose parents are killed in a terrible accident at their home, so the kids are taken in by Count Olaf, a man whose only interest and hope is to gain control over their inheritance before one of the children comes of age and becomes able to receive it.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

3rd. Goosebumps:

 In this movie we’ll watch the story of Zach, a guy that, after arriving in a new small town, becomes friends with his next door neighbor Hannah. He soon discovers she’s the daughter of R. L. Stine, the author of a bestselling series called Goosebumps, and that all the monsters he writes about in his books are actually real. This scary monsters escape from the manuscripts and start to terrorize the town, so it’s up to Stine, Hannah and Zach to make them go back to the books where they belong.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

4th. Hotel Transylvania 2:

 This is a film for the whole family, we bet you will end up watching it with your kids and their friends. This is the second part of this story, and in this one we get to see Mavis and Jonathan start their own family with baby Dennis. But that’s not all, Dracula, Mavis’ father, and his friends put themselves on a mission to bring out the monster that’s inside of Dracula’s grandson, Dennis, who is supposed to be half human, half vampire, so that Mavis won’t leave Transylvania and take her family with her. This film is about monsters, but we guarantee you, your kids will love them.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

5th. Nightbooks:

 In this film we will go along with a young boy named Alex, on his time trying to survive while being the prisoner of a witch. So in order to stay alive, he makes a deal with the witch, he has to tell her a scary story every night. Then he meets the witch’s servant Yazmin, and by using their cleverness they will try to escape the witch’s apartment, an enchanted kind of maze full of dangers and obstacles, before she finds them and maybe kills them both? You’ll have to watch it to see what happens, we won’t spoil the ending for you. ;)

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

6th. Dreamworks Spooky Stories:

 This is not a movie, it’s a collection of short stories in which we will find lots of characters from some of our all time favorite Dreamworks films, like Shreck, Megamind, and Monsters vs Aliens. It has five episodes, they’re not very long, so you can choose if you play them all or just the ones you want. Each episode takes us on a different and spooky adventure that will keep your kids and their friends glued to the screen, trust us.

Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

7th. A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting:

 A movie in which we’ll get to know the story of a girl that’s recruited by a secret society of babysitters, and has to embark on a mission in which she will have to battle all types of monsters and overcome many obstacles, when they abduct the kid she’s watching on the night of Halloween.

We have reached the end, these are our favorite horror movies for kids to watch on a sleepover and have the best time. So mom, you can check this from your party planning list, we promise this will make your night much easier, and also, you’re so welcome! :)