November 16, 2022


Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

One thing we’ve learned at Teepee In The City in all these years of party planning is that boys have loads of energy, so having an only boys sleepover can be quite a challenge if you’re not prepared, but don’t worry, we got you covered. The key to doing this the right way is organization, having a detailed schedule of activities will help you to be ready for everything.

To start we’ll tell you some simple tricks that have worked for us in past situations like this one:

First, try to keep it simple. Don’t overdo it. Yes you should have a plan, but it doesn’t have to go as strictly as you thought it would, so don’t stress if some things change as the evening goes by. And also, you can plan more elaborate activities, but always make sure that most of them are easy for you.

That said, it is important to have a game plan so you don’t run out of ideas in the middle of the night and get stuck trying to think of something quick for the boys to do.And last, set some ground rules with the boys so they know what they’re up to. Think about what is important for your peace of mind, and let the boys know it beforehand.

Without further ado let’s start with some Sleepover party ideas that will help you plan your evening with the boys.


Every sleepover should have a movie, and every movie should have popcorn. And how to make popcorn even better, put some topics in them, M&Ms, chocolate, peanut butter, gummies, everything you can imagine.


For a fun night time activity that will keep them busy for a long time, (and also will take up some necessary energy) set up a scavenger hunt and send the boys to find the treasure all around the house. You can hide clues everywhere and make them collect all of them so they can win the prize. There are all kinds of themed scavenger hunts you can find on the internet, you can start looking on Pinterest.


Boys love scary movies but what if you give it a twist, and instead of movies you sit the boys in a circle, you turn off the lights, then you turn on a flashlight and start telling the scariest stories you can remember. We promise they won’t want you to stop talking, so start looking for those stories.


Looking for a way to slow the mood down a little bit, to challenge the kids to be slow and careful to complete the mission. It’s simple but a really fun game. You just have to stick strings of paper (crepe works very well) from wall to wall in any hallway you have in your house and create a trip-wire maze that the boys have to cautiously pass to get to the other side. If it starts getting too easy you can take it up a level by making the cross the maze in partners, holding hands or with their feet stuck together.


This one is an alternative to the classic pinata in which you punch it till it breaks. This version of the pinata is a little more crafty, but if you have the time it makes a really cool game. Cut the back off an empty box, trace circles into rows, and cut them out. Glue different coloured circles or squares of tissue paper over the holes. And finally, glue plastic cups over the prizes you will have in each hole, to contain them. All the kids have to do is punch through any of the holes and grab the prize.


Boys love to eat, and who doesn’t love pizza (nobody ever). With this activity your boys will have a lot of fun, and also they will feed their bellies. Give each of them a small ball of pizza dough so they can flatten it, and put the cheese and the sauce over it. And the rest is up to them and their creativity, you just have to give them an assortment of toppings so they can pick and choose whatever they want. The only thing you have to do is help them put their pizza in the oven, and that’s that. Food and fun checked from the list.


This activity could be a party starter. If you are not sure how to start, or what’s the best way to begin the sleepover, you can toss this cube, which has loads of different activities written on it and let the universe decide for you.


This activity is an energy burner, so if you want the boys to get a little tired this is the one. In this game, all the players will have a balloon tied to their ankle with a piece of string, and they will have to race to stomp the other players’ balloons. The last player with the balloon wins. They can only pop the balloon with their feet, players cannot touch theirs or others balloon with their hands. We assure you, it will be a lot of fun, and also they will end up asking for some time to rest.

We have reached the end of our list, these are only ideas for you to have in hand in case you’re lacking a little creativity or inspiration, but you can always add or remove anything you want and adjust it to your needs.

And remember, if you want to keep reading and learning all about party planning, we have other articles where you found this one. Hope this was helpful and see you next time :)