November 16, 2022


Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

Everybody knows teens are a bit complicated, they are at an age that can be tricky both for themselves and for the people in their lives. So if just talking to them can be kind of a challenge, imagine throwing a sleepover party (cries in spanish) but wait we’re here to help, as the party experts we are. In this case you don’t have to plan as much, because they will tell you what they want, and the activities they tend to like are much more simple than the games you play with smaller kids.

That said, it is still important to have a checklist of the things you need, and a base a small inventory of activities from which you can pick and choose things to do depending on the mood or what the teens are saying. It is always important to be prepared, and to have an ace in the hole so you have an answer in case this question comes up, what else can we do?

As teens are a little bit older, they can also help you think of things and activities to do, also they don’t have as much energy as little kids and they tend to prefer plans that don’t involve loads of movement or exercise, as they think they’re already “adults” (yeah, sure) but that’s an advantage for us.

So, let’s start with the important information haha, in this list we will give you some ideas for you to have in your party planning checklist, to organize and arrange everything you need for this amazing sleepover.


We love this kind of games because you don’t need anything, it is basically talking, and you can stay hours playing and laughing about the answers everyone gives, which most of the time lead to some more talking and discussions. So yeah, this is a winner, simple, yet fun and interesting.


Teens love taking pictures so they can post them on Instagram, Tik Tok, and all their social media. So why not give them not just any picture, but some funny and crazy ones. Take every hat, sunglasses, costumes, anything that’s a bit over the top as props for them to take the pictures, you can also buy them. If you have a polaroid you can take them with it so they can keep the pictures as souvenirs, if you don’t have one, just take them with your phone, it doesn’t matter.


This one is a classic, we think everyone has played it at least once in their life, but in case you haven’t, you just need a bottle for this one, the group sits in a circle, they put the bottle in the center and spin it, when it stops at someone they are asked they choose truth or dare, depending on what their decision is.


This one is also pretty simple, you don’t need anything just the creativity of the teens, because they are the ones who have to propose potential situations they’ve never had. If someone has had the experience in question, they have to count the action off on their fingers. This sparks a lot of conversation and it also helps the group to break the ice and also share some laughs.


This one continues the style of the games we’ve mentioned before, so for this one you just need the group to make really funny situations that are really difficult to choose from. In this game, one person gives two difficult scenarios, and the other people have to choose. It can be about any topic you can imagine, as long as it makes you think, it works.


This one always works, no matter the age, no matter what they like, a movie with blankets and popcorn is always a good idea, and a great way to entertain.


This game will spark the creativity of our group of teens, why you ask. For this game you will place a bowl in the center of the group which will be sitting in a circle. The bowl will contain song titles written in small pieces of paper, one person picks up a paper and has to make a song out of the titles that’s in there. Funn, right? And it makes them think, and laugh at the same time, you can also play, and relax a little bit.


In here you can find every single game of your childhood, and I promise, this one is just as effective and a crowd pleaser as the movies. Everyone loves a board game, you can stay there for hours, playing, talking and laughing. You can choose to go for a older one such as monopoly or a trendier one such as Catan, that’s what everyones playing right now, if you don’t believe us go on BeReal, YouTube, or any other social media, and you will find someone playing, or recommending this game.


Mmm we think this one needs no explanation, you can just search on YouTube for the video of the song the teens want to sing to, with lyrics and that’s it. It would be cool if you could get a microphone, but if you can’t it doesn’t matter, it will be fun anyways.


And finally, this is not a game, but it’s a way of making something ordinary (a dinner) a much cooler moment to enjoy with friends, you just make whatever you’re planning on serving, turn the lights off, and give the teens glow-in-the-dark bracelets/necklaces to wear while they eat.

We’ve reached the end of our list, we hope you can take some ideas for your upcoming party and make your sleepover planning as smooth and easy as it can be, because one of our secret tips for every event we have is always leave some room for having fun yourself, it’s no all planning, checking things and stressing, this part has to be enjoyable for you too.

See you in our next article, bye!!