November 16, 2022


Teepee in the City sleepover party ideas

As you may know, we at Teepee In The City are experts in planning a great slumber party, so we know from first hand that it can be a little overwhelming if you haven’t done it already or if you don’t have a lot of experience throwing parties at your home. But don’t worry, we’re here to help.

If you don’t really like to go through all the calling, the organizing, etc, you can always hire our services and we’ll take care of everything. On the other hand, if you like to do it yourself, and not die trying hahaha, you can read this and all of our articles, so you can learn all our tips and tricks to make party planning as easy as it can be.

This time we are going to give you some ideas of activities you can have at a party planned specifically for girls, off course you can get creative as you want, the sky’s the limit, but we also know sometimes you don’t even know where to start, what girls like, and what are they doing these days, so take this following list as a starting point, as a base, and from here you can see what fits into your party, your time for planning, and your budget, because everyone’s is different, so take from here what works for you.

These are some of our favorite sleepover party ideas when it comes to activities for girls, so sit down, get comfortable and start reading.


A movie is always a good idea, this one is a classic, a party pleaser if you wish. Set up a theater in your living room, take out all the blankets and pillows you have available in your home and put them in your couch, so you can have the perfect setup for enjoying the movie. And last but not least, choose a film that will keep a group of girls glued to the screen, here are some titles that can work: Pitch Perfect, To all the boys I’ve loved before, Mohana.


No sleepover is complete without a pillow fort. The best part of this activity is that you don’t have to plan anything, you just have to use every pillow, cushion, blankets and sleeping bag you can find in your house and let the kids do the rest. It’s their job to build the biggest, strongest fort they can do, and when they finish, they can eat snacks, read, giggle (something that should happen a lot in a sleepover) and, if they want, they can also sleep in them.


It’s no secret most girls love playing with makeup, but how can we make that even cooler? Play with makeup while being blindfolded. The girls can work in pairs, the person that’s going to be applying the makeup will also be the one that’s blindfolded. We’re sure the results will make you, and the girls, cry with laughter. Also, you have to take pictures of every moment of it.


Painting your nails can be a little boring, but with this game it won’t ever be again. This is how it works, you will arrange some bottles of nail polish, all of them of different colors, in a circle, and in the middle of it you will put a spinner, and whichever color it lands on, the person who spinned it has to paint one toenail that color. The game finishes when all 10 toes on all of the girls have been painted. You will love the results, very colorful feet.


Another thing women love, both adults and kids, is skincare, taking care of themselves, and having some quality time for some self love. And, what’s better for this than some spa time, face masking, hair masking, some feet and body massages, just laying on the floor while pampering yourself and relaxing, everything at the same time. This activity, more than a game, could be a great way for the girls to chill out, finish the night, and prepare them for some sleep.


This activity not only will give the girls something to do, it will also leave them with an amazing souvenir of an equally amazing night. Give the girls some white plain pillowcases and some materials like fabric markers and some thread, so they can put their stamp on it, personalize it as unique as they can, have a great time while doing it, and keep it forever.


Challenge the girls to bring out all their creativity and put together some looks for the best sleepover runway ever. They have to prepare the outfit, add some props, do their hair and walk on the catwalk showing their clothes. To make it more fun, you can tell them to have a talent show so they can exhibit what they do best.


Take your phone and scroll through Tik Tok, look for the challenge and/or choreography that’s trending right now and dare the girls to learn the moves so you can record it and post it on Tik Tok, this will take them a while, trust us, but most important it will so fun for them.

This rounds up our top activities we always have in mind, or as a starting point, when we’re planning sleepover parties for girls only. Of course, this changes from time to time, but this is our base. We always take this list with us, and we add and cut the activities depending on the personality and the circumstances each of our clients have.

We hope this helps you too, as a way to create your own list of activities for your girls to have the best night of their life, and enjoy every second of it. If you want to know more about all things slumber party ideas, keep an eye on our articles and our content, in there you’ll find all of our secrets to have a great and easy to plan sleepover.